oh my people,
when blood is running down your face,
do you not feel your heart beating?
and when the drop is far,
a swift descent,
do you not smell pine and know,
there is a soft bed below?
even birds have faith
when they leap for the first time,
and fly.
my people,
do you not cover your ears,
because you can hear?
and close your eyes,
because you see?
are you afraid,
because of your courage?
they are returning through the cracks in your skull,
and concrete,
like weeds
and many things
with hearts beating.
roots, legs and wings,
the eagles are here,
you must be praying.
the turkeys have come,
you must have danced.
the jaguars are home,
they smell your blood.
your mountain is breaking,
my people,
it split into two and crumbled.
i saw a buffalo come through and say,
we wanted to make an entrance.


Photo by Saying Sooth, Spring 2017.