How sweetly they smile, they lantern of gold

they careful demeanour, small flower to hold

a sky for a face, an ocean for eyes

they voice, waterfalling

profound for they size.

they shy as a rabbit, a mouse in a field

see runs from my shadow, see trails by my heel,

but if I will wait and whisper a song

see moves very closer,

for this I will long.

how gentle they laughter, they aura turn bright

they shadow, won’t linger, they sun for a night

they touch, for is magic no ring can account

for touch I would pander,

more worth than amount.

they cry in the wild, a raven in dark

they point to the heaven, they liminal heart

I follow like moth, to light it would dream

I follow like moth,

on butterfly wing.

call witches and faeries, call dwarves and their sons,

call dogs and canaries, and blue pelicans

my heart has been stolen

my life has been rung,

and all that is left,

in they light I were brung.


For A.

Photo taken Spring 2017 by Saying Sooth.